The Norfolk Coast is incredibly varied and is an ideal location for a workshop.This underrated stretch of coastline contains environments such as shingle beaches, wide expansive beaches backed by dunes, saltmarshes, cliffs, staithes, harbour villages, nature reserves and seaside towns.

My one to one workshops concentrate on two to three locations over an eight hour period and are aimed at photographers who are at beginner or intermediate level.During the day I will cover the basic points needed to enable you to start making successful landscape images of your own whilst encouraging you to ‘step away’ from any automated modes on your camera.The workshop day will be neither overtly technical or formal, it is your day and I will work at a pace to suit you and when the workshop is over I will always be contactable to help with any further questions you may have.

Topics I will be covering on the day include:
Focal length choice.
Getting the most out of Live View.
The wider vista and the more abstract scene.

Before the workshop I will be in contact to ask you to outline your needs from the workshop, eg if there is any technique you would like to go through.

The cost of the one day (eight hour) workshop is £200.

If you would like to book a workshop or if you have any questions regarding workshops please fill in the contact form on this site or you can email me directly at:

Please note I can run a half day workshop and I can also run a group workshop for up to three people if travelling with me, or up to six if someone is happy to drive their own car to the locations along with mine.